Activities on the campsite

Activities on the campsite

The campsite Albertinelund Camping is a campsite with lots of activities for both young and old.

The campsite is located at Glesborg in beautiful East Jutland, right down to the Kattegat, so here are good opportunities for a dip from our beach, or what about a fishing trip?

From the campsite, there is direct access to some of the best fishing opportunities in the Kattegat – and remember, you can also bring your own boat. We have lots of events and activities at the campsite, including mini golf, swimming pool, playground, and bonfire.

Here you can click through our various categories and find out what the campsite can offer. For example, click on our pictures of the campsite and see what, among other things. can be experienced.

You can also see a site overview and find out where the campsite will preferably be located and where the various facilities are located.

If you have any questions about something about the campsite, then you are very welcome to contact us. Our telephone number is: 86 38 62 33 or contact us through our contact form on this page by clicking here.

Albertinelund’s activities

We have lots of activities at Albertinelund Camping site. Here’s a selection of them.