Fishing House

Fishing cleaning house

At the campsite, we have a fish cleaning house for those who catch a fresh fish or two in the Kattegat.

In the fish cleaning house, you can find everything you need to clean your fish. You will find washbasin, cutting board, table, spectator chairs and more. You must therefore only bring a knife, gloves, fish and your own fishing skills and then it should all be clear and ready.

The fish cleaning facilities are often maintained and therefore you can be sure everything is in the best order when you need to clean your fish. However, there are only two washbasins.

There are also good opportunities for underwater hunting in the Kattegat. The water is nice clear and there is usually good visibility. You should therefore always remember fishing pole, harpoon, and net when you visit Albertinelund Camping.

You can buy a fishing license from us so you don’t have to buy it until you arrive at the campsite.

You can get the fishing pass printed in the Information. Simply approach us.

Crack & break (a danish saying for good lock) with the fishing!

Bon appetite!


Pictures from the fishing cleaning house

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