Bønnerup Beach is largely made up of the sandy bottom and is reasonably flat and shallow. Of course, sea trout and cod are caught in this area, but generally, it must be described as flatfish water. Fine fishing for flatfish can be experienced. It is especially icing that can be plenty of on the sandy bottom, but there are also chances of scrub and plaice. The fishing takes place mainly from the harbor mill or boat. When launching a boat there is a good ramp in Bønnerup Harbor. This is a payment ramp and payment must be made to the Port Authority.

Worm (brush/sand) can be purchased in Fausing main road no. 3, as well as Bønnerup and Gjerrild.

Bønnerup Harbor is known for fishing for flatfish. Most scrubs are caught, but also icing and if you are lucky you can encounter brill and turbot. There are also some weevers caught from the jetties at Bønnerup Harbor. The weevers are good food fish when they reach a certain size, but beware! The weevers has poisonous spikes on the gill lids and in the dorsal fin. Always have a long tongue in the bag so you can hook the weevers without getting yourself injured.

At Bønnerup Harbor, it is possible to clean the catch in a shed with running water and cleaning tables. If you have not had the luck with the pier, the evening meal can be bought in the fish trade at the harbor. If you want to put your own boat in the water, there is a towage in the harbor. It costs a small amount of money to use the towage.

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