Round Ball

Round Ball

At Albertinelund we have a large green area that can be used for various events, including round ball.

In the green area, round ball tournaments are regularly held for both young and old on the field just behind the campsite. It is not Albertinelund Camping who arranges round ball, it is the campers themselves, usually regular riders.

We have bat, balls and cones that you can borrow. Round ball at Albertinelund Camping is for everyone. Even those who do not feel particularly sporty, there is room for it.

The green area, whose round ball is played, can be seen at the campsite overview, it is designated by the number 17, and is also a ball field.

As can be seen in the pictures below, there are some from all ages and there is often a lot to do with. It is a perfect opportunity to meet other campers, and at the same time also come out and get a bit of a touch. Round ball is a great way to exercise and in a fun way.