The playgrounds

The playground

At Albertinelund Camping we try to do everything for the children by having, the facilities needed for child-friendly camping.

Our playgrounds are a mecca for children and childish souls. Here, children in quiet and safe surroundings can explore many of our entertaining activities.

Why not challenge big brother or big sister in who can step inside the drum/wheel? A giant wooden drum/wheel, which is stepped around like a treadmill. If you are cool, you may also want to challenge mom and dad, who will probably remember when they last made the treadmill turn.

At Albertinelund Camping you will find four large and well-maintained playgrounds, swimming pool with low water pool and roller coaster, mini-golf with 18 holes, soccer field, bouncing pads, trampolines, goats and rabbits, bonfire where twist bread is made and several different indoor games, Among other things like pool and air hockey. In addition, the news at Albertinelund Camping is an indoor playground which you can read more about here.

You can be absolutely sure that there are activities for the whole family here at the campsite and especially the children can be entertained for hours! However, play and games are your own responsibility, so keep in mind that you, parents, must keep an eye on the children.

In addition, we organize lots of activities in the high season, these you can see in our calendar here on the page or on our facebook page.

At Albertinelund Camping you can also buy Djurs Sommerland tickets at a discount!
These can be purchased together with the booking of your campsite or cabin.

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