At Albertinelund Camping we have a campfire area where residents regularly bake twist bread. In our activity calendar, you can see our program in the high season of when we bake twist bread.

The event is for both children and adults. Twist bread baking is nice for kids and adults of all ages, and the kids quickly make new friends to play with around the fire.

And then there is nothing as delicious as twist bread you have made over the fire.

We have sticks and dough for twist bread. It is therefore only you, the family and friends who need to meet up and take part in the nice event.

In the pictures below you can see how nice we have it while the twisted bread is heated over the fire. So please take the whole family on the shoulders and come down and bake twist bread with us.

We have held these events for many years and it has always been a good place to meet the other residents and hear a little about where they come from.

We look forward to seeing you at the Twist Bread Arrangement!

You can see where the campfire is located on the campsite map. The campfire is close to number 10, see the map here.

Snobrød - Camping i østjylland

Pictures from twist bread

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