Attractions in Djursland

Attractions in Djursland

Djursland has some of the most beautiful scenery to offer. Right back from the Ice Age, the landscape has been created by wind and weather, and so here in Djursland, we have some of the most varied nature in Denmark to offer. Here in Djursland, you can both experience fantastic sandy beaches, and after only a few kilometers by car, you stand in a hilly landscape, which is great for hiking and walking. Besides nature and outdoor activities in Djursland, we can offer some of the largest and most visited theme parks and museums in Scandinavia.

Djursland also has a lot of cycle routes, which, combined with the beautiful scenery, are definitely worth a trip. Find a map of the bike rides here on the page or a tourist map of Djursland. It can help you plan your trip.

Take a look at our recommendations, for example, to see what we recommend experiencing while in our campsite if you are interested in experiencing Djursland.

In short, here in Djursland, there are activities for both young and old.

Attractions in Djursland

There are many sights around Albertinelund Camping. Here is a selection of them.