Amusement parks

Amusement parks

There are plenty of fantastic theme parks in Djursland. In fact, we do not only have most theme parks in Denmark here in Djursland, but we also have Scandinavia’s largest. Here, there are both theme parks for young and old.

Visit eg. Djurs Summerland, which is known all over the country. They can offer over 60 rides, including Denmark’s largest roller coaster. Besides that, it is also the Nordic region’s largest summer/amusement park.

In addition, Djursland can also offer a lot of animal parks, where the whole family can learn about the animals’ world. Or just enjoy a day together where there is time for family fun.

So there is plenty of opportunities to find things to do and get a good excursion to one of the many theme parks.

Djursland can also offer a lot of other experiences, click around on our website to see which, or click here.