Bicycle tours

Bicycle tours

If you would like to park the car and still get a little further around in the National Park Mols Bjerge, there are good opportunities to experience the national park from the bike. The many hills will certainly give sweat on the forehead, but they also offer many experiences and great views.

All cycle paths and roads in the Mols Bjerge itself are gravel or sand roads, so you have to make sure you have solid tires on the bike.

The entire National Park has a well-developed network of cycle paths and bike-friendly small roads, so you can safely get around everywhere and enjoy the fresh air to the sound of silence.

Whether you are for mountain bike tours or regular bike routes, the Djursland area can offer it.

The mountain bike trails are a great way to get around and see something in the area, but at the same time get moving in a healthy way.

The usual cycle paths can also be recommended. They offer a slightly more quiet way to see the area but still get some exercise.

In the pictures below you can see both bike paths for mountain bikes and regular bikes, so whether you are for one or the other, there is plenty of opportunities to get out and move on a bike in Djursland.

MTB route

Cykelture på Djursland rute 2

Cycle route

Cykelture på Djursland rute 1