More experiences in Djursland

More experiences in Djursland

Get plenty of experiences at Djursland with these great and exciting attractions. In Djursland there are plenty of experiences in nature. Nature is one of Djursland’s characteristics, so there is plenty of opportunity to get out and experience a lot of beautiful nature in the vicinity of Albertinelund Camping.

In addition, Djursland can also offer beach areas where a lot of good experiences also can come. Take the family to the beach and take a bath in the lovely water or go for an evening stroll along the beach. Whatever you are at, Djursland beaches are worth a visit.

The area also has a lot of castles and manor houses that have been inhabited by both royal and nobles over time. Go out and discover some Danish history and see the beautiful castles and manor houses. Get an experience out of the ordinary here at Djursland.

You can below see the attractions we at Albertinelund recommend to all our guests as they are icons of Djursland and the history of East Jutland. If you click on the pictures below you will find the pages about the specific place and you can there read more about what it is and where you can find the attraction.

We hope you find something that may interest you and your family. If you have any questions or need a reference then you are always welcome to contact us in the information or write to and via the contact form here on the site.

Happy holiday!