Jernhatten (The Iron Hat)

From the edge of the Iron Hat, it goes almost vertically down on the white beach shore.

The iron hat is 49 m.o.h. as an isolated ground. The ascent to the top passes by trollbøg, carpets of dark green ivy and perhaps blue anemone – and all the time overlooking the island Hjelm in the Kattegat.

Just north and south of the Iron Hat, there are lows were the ocean deck in the Stone Age, where the landscape was completely different.

The beach is a perfect starting point for snorkeling trips to the stone “Blak”, which is located at a large caravan bubble about 150 meters from the shore. Here is a varied rock bottom with seaweed species such as stringed tongs, sugar cane and red algae and eel grass, which is Denmark’s only flower plant in the sea.

Out in the Kattegat lies the island of Hjelm, whose history can probably make your imagination run.

The small island, which is in private ownership, has been the residence of Marsk Stig and his followers.

Marsk Stig was condemned outlaw for the murder in Finderup Lade at King Erik Klipping in 1286. He fortified Hjelm, and from there the outlawed counterfeit coins.

Marsk Stig died in the year 1293.

In retrospect, the verdict is questioned for the murder of Finnerup Lade. But the story of Marsk Stig and the outlaws has, over the years, fascinated many people, and it has inspired folk songs, plays, an opera, and novels.

The iron hat consists of ice age deposits with flakes of the calcareous Kerteminde Marl. In Denmark, it is usually 30 meters below sea level, but here the ice has pushed it up. Mergelen has its name from Kerteminde, where the ice has also pushed up deposits. In a small mineral digging towards the west, marl has been dug to the fields.


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