Sostrup slot (castle)

Sostrup Castle is only 9km from Albertinelund camping

About Sostrup slot

A lot of people live in a reality where they rarely stop to feel their life but go off to reach everything else. Too rarely do we give ourselves a break for reflection and contemplation so that we can get in where we can feel that we are living and not just surviving life.

At Sostrup we can retreat a little, take a break, treat ourselves to reflect on our lives and its patterns.

When the Catholic nuns left Sostrup castle and monastery, and when on June 1, 2014 harbored the hands of Kirsten Bundgaard Swift and Anders Bundgaard, unique and open opportunities opened up.

Sostrup Denmark is developing to become an international, national and locally based meeting place that encourages reflection through unique, noticeably enriching experiences all year round.
A new vision and alternative concept have seen the light of day. Sostrup is developing in step with time.


Our goal is to put Sostrup on the map as a holistic center for culture and a place for reflection and immersion in the senses. Through remarkable enriching experiences all year round (retreats, exhibitions, dance, music, theater, lectures, workshops and celebrations of life) we want to touch the individual’s soul. We want to create an environment where everyone has time, space and quiet to realize their own potential.

Sostrup welcomes all religions and philosophies. There is always something new, surprising and enriching at Sostrup.