Ceramist Eva Thomsen

Ceramist Eva Thomsen

Ceramist Eva Thomsen is located 38km from ALbertinelund camping


The idea development process is exciting and sometimes long-lasting. When I have got an idea I make a sketch that is later tested as three-dimensional shapes in small models. It is precisely in the idea development process that things are gaining momentum for me – it is often here that new ideas for other works suddenly occur. If the model consists of its test and works in all dimensions, it is worked up to a larger size. Something is turned around, but most of the time I build up in sheet music or modeling.

It is in the daily experiments and in the meeting with the clay and my hands that the works are made. For example, I never know what color my works should have before I get started. The process is long-lasting and it requires structure, calm, patience and presence to enable me to work and be in the creative ceramic process.
I work with stonewalls as I add paper, chamotte, and others. Things are usually burned to 1280 degrees with different glazes, sinter ideas or muffle burns.

The process in the oven is a world of its own. Whether it is functional jars and bowls or sculptural abstract works, the idea is that they should be able to stand alone and be enjoyed by virtue of the intended expression. The shapes are often soft geometric arches, as seen in my series inspired by the maritime and boats. It is simple and tight and the shape of the works speaks for itself and the clay preserves its life.

The background for my life as a ceramicist

“When someone asked me what I wanted to be when I was an adult, there was only one answer: a potter or something!”

I was inspired by the talented potters who had their workshop and gallery in and around my childhood home in Djursland. After elementary school, I was educated as a potter at Kähler’s Ceramic factory in Næstved, where the tradition-bound craft was held with great passion. Later I was admitted to the Arts and Crafts School in Kolding and here completed the 5-year education specializing in unique. It was a very educational period that opened my mind and gave me the desire to explore the subject at home and abroad. A period that brought me far from Australia to Bornholm.

The ring has ended and I am now back in Djursland, where I have established my own workshop in Mørke. Here there is room to immerse myself, to play with clay and to create innovative forms.

I work mainly with unique ceramics in a tight and minimalist expression. My interest in the geometric is evident in many of my works. I focus on the sculptural through the underline of the clean lines, the simple form, and the spaces.

Various items of use such as. light cups, mugs, jugs, jars, and jewelry are also part of my program.

I would like to tell you more about my work and my innovative processes – eg. through lectures, bachelor parties, visits to my workshop or teaching/guidance at schools and educational centers.


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