Danish Motor and Machine Collection

Danish Motor Collection

Dansk Motorsamling - Museum

The Danish Motor Collection is only 17km from Albertinelund camping

Danish Motor Collection is today Northern Europe’s most comprehensive collection of historical machinery, with more than 450 different engines. As a significant contribution to industrialization, these are largely Danish-produced and thus evident in the understanding of developments in Danish industrial history. Industry, shipping, and agriculture have a lot to thank Danish engineers for, but also the ordinary citizen harvested the fruits of the innovative forces’ work. The supply of electricity, water, food, and infrastructure was thus only possible with the machinery of different kinds. With this in mind, there is little to the understanding of the importance of; to document the development of the internal combustion engine.


Most of the exhibited engines originate from the Danish industry’s gold age 1890 – 1930, where our absolutely largest manufacturer of machinery Burmeister & Waine took a leading role on the world market – shortly before 1930, B&W had a market share of almost 50% on the world market for marine diesel engines. B&W is also represented by a comprehensive collection of diesel engines at Dansk Motorsamling – the world’s largest collection, with Flakfortets machinery as a banner advisor for B & W’s position. Flakfortets diesel engine year. 1914 is also a significant part of Denmark’s history, as they were included as power machines in the largest building complex of the time, namely the fortification of Copenhagen – a building that got many bumps of the radicals of the time, with Hørup as the high-rushing, and not least, communicating person. For more than eighty years it has been “general education”; that the fortress of Kbh was completely unnecessary. Luckily, today, we know better as documentation has been found; that the German General Staff counted yet another bombardment of Copenhagen during World War I, but the fortification proved to be too big a mouthful for the German .. History’s wine loop hangs over several of the exhibition’s machines, and as such helps to document Denmark’s history.

Motor collection

Since there have been more than 200 motor-producing companies in Denmark, it is of course extremely difficult to find solid evidence for every one. However, the engine collection has come a long way in finding the widest possible range, and we have partnered with a number of the country’s leading museums for further expansion of the collection. The Technical Museum, the Industrial Museum and the Fisheries Museum are of great help in our continued search for documentation. On the website, we also work with the written documentation of Dansk Maskinproduktion.


Today, the collection of machinery produced in 1868 – 1960, with Otto & Langen’s “Atmospheric engine” spans the year. 1868, as the oldest.

As something quite special for the Danish Motor Collection, the vast majority of machines in the exhibition have been restored so that they can be experienced live, and the technical finesses are admired under load. Our concept is based on the idea that the machines are built for hard work, which is why it must be the right way to experience the delights – our visitors agree!