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The Glass museum Ebeltoft

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft is located 50km from Albertinelund Camping.


Glasmuseet Ebeltoft was established in 1985 in the former Toldbod in the more than 700-year-old town of Ebeltoft, which is located by Ebeltoft Vig. The museum was created on the initiative of the Danish glass artist Finn Lynggaard and realized in close collaboration with the former director of Kvadrat, Erling Rasmussen and state-authorized public accountant, Bent Fredberg. The museum is a private, self-governing institution run by the Foundation for the Collection of Modern International Glass Art. Glasmuseet Ebeltoft receives no financial support from the state but maintains regular contact with the Ministry of Culture. On an annual basis, the museum has approx. 40,000 visitors.

The museum exhibits modern international glass art and has a collection of 1,500 works created by 700 artists from 40 countries. These works of art are either donations to the museum or lent to the museum by artists from all over the world. At intervals, the artists change or supplement their loaned works with the new technique, so that visitors can always follow the different glass artists’ development. This is a truly unique way to build an art glass collection. One can rightly call the Glass Museum Ebeltoft the artists’ own museum.

In addition to the permanent collection, the museum shows 6-8 special exhibitions a year, either by a single glass artist or by composite groups. Not only does Glasmuseet Ebeltoft represent exhibitions of well-established experienced glass artists, but recent graduates with less experience and great experimental courage have shown their ability in the exhibitions in recent years.

The exhibitions often continue to other countries, which Glasmuseet Ebeltoft organizes. Furthermore, the museum strives to regularly publish a catalog from an exhibition with text in several languages ​​to the great benefit of the international audience.

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft has in its garden furnished a working glass hut, which is a popular attraction for visitors. The cabin is open all year. Here the audience can see how the manufacture of glass objects takes place. It is possible to buy these specially made glass objects in the museum’s shop. The museum shop also sells postcards, posters, books, and catalogs.


The museum organizes cultural activities such as lectures, concerts, guided tours, video presentations, etc., which take place all year round.


Glass Museum Ebeltoft
Strandvejen 8
8400 Ebeltoft

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