Danhostel Gjerrild

The food – a chapter of its own.
We write somewhere that
We are not the best, we are not the cheapest. But at our price, it is not seen better north of Hamburg.

Can it also be true? No one has yet contradicted it – so maybe it’s true!

Guest opinions about the food:
• It’s like going to a wedding!
• Closer to the sky when it comes to food, you do not come.
• We thought of the movie “Babette’s Guest Bid”.
• The food is really good. The selection is impressive and the quality high.
• Your sumptuous food, better bread, and all the health in between.
• I find it fun to come to Gjerrild and see Emmerys overtaken inside.


Dyrehavevej 9, Gjerrild
8500 Grenaa
Tlf: (+45) 86384199