The forest around us

The forest around us

Djursland is known for its beautiful scenery and nature.

In Djursland you will find some of the most beautiful and oldest forests we have in Denmark, which offers a rich wildlife and lush bushes.
After the deers no longer belonged only to the noble lands, and the wild fences that held them in were broken down, they now roam freely in the Danish forests.
In the forests of Djursland, you have good opportunities to see the reindeer, because there are/have laid many of the nobles’ castles and manor houses.

The forests can of course also be used for a quick walk with the family where you can really enjoy the beautiful scenery for which Djursland is known. Cycling in the forests is also a good opportunity for the family to get some exercise and wind in their hair.

Many of the forests also have lakes that make walking even more enjoyable. When the light falls just right, it is really nice and you need to remember the camera so that the memories can be immortalized.
Here you can see some pictures of how beautiful the forests are and get inspired to get out in the green yourself.

At Albertinelund Camping we always encourage our visitors to take a walk in the woods to experience the beautiful nature. We rent bikes, among other things, so that the whole family can get some exercise and there are, for both cyclists and pedestrians, specific routes that we can tell you a little more about when you visit us.

If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact us here.

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Pictures of the forest