We recommend

We recommend


We recommend that you take a trip to Bønnerup, which is approx. 2.5 km away if you follow the beach and approx. 5 km if you take the road. Here one should go out and experience the harbor environment, and take a walk past Møllefisk, which is the harbors smokehouse.

Sostrup slot

In addition, it is also possible to go to Sostrup Castle, a former nunnery. A walk in the slots garden and around the new monastery is worth a visit. If necessary, visit their website here.



Emmedsbo forest is also worth a visit, where you can go for a walk in the enclosure, and meet the animals very close.

Djurs Sommerland (Amusement Park)

The campsite is close to Djurs Sommerland, which with an annual visit number of over 800,000 guests is the most visited amusement park in the Nordic region and the fourth largest theme park in Denmark. If necessary, visit their website here.


Ree Park

Ree Park is also close by. Ree Park is a safari park and has approx. 80 different animal species. So there is plenty of opportunities to get out and see a lot of wildlife here. If necessary, visit their website here.


Scandinavian Animal Park

Another zoo that is close by is Scandinavian Animal Park. As the name suggests, the park specializes in Scandinavian animals. If necessary, visit their website here.



The Kattegat Center is also worth a visit. The Kattegat Center is a large, Danish aquarium with more than 250 species of marine animals – including seals, fish, and sharks living in the Kattegat, as well as many tropical species of fish and sharks. If necessary, visit their website here.

Munkholm Zoo

Munkholm Zoo also offers the opportunity to visit where the children can get close to the animals. The zoo has more than 400 animals in 90 different species. If necessary, visit their website here.