Dog facilities

Camping with a dog

Dog Friendly

We are very happy with dogs here in the campsite and they are very welcome.

We kindly ask all guests to keep dogs on a leash when they are at the campsite.

Right next to the site is a large field, where there is ample opportunity for the dog to be well ventilated.
However, it is at your own risk to let it run freely on the field.

On our part of the nearby beach, it will be possible for all dogs to take a dip and play in the water.

We also have water items where it is possible to rinse the dog’s paws or the like.

If there is a lack of food in the dog bowl, there are opportunities for this in Pito in Grenå and DLG in Glesborg.

Does your dog need a nice warm bath? Now it can have a bath in Albertinelund Camping’s new dog bath. To see where it is located you can go to the campsite overview.


Dog prices

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