Albertinelund Camping Kiosk

Albertinelund camping Kiosk

We have a good kiosk with a large selection of goods.

Here you can order your morning bread, so you are sure to enjoy lovely warm fresh bakery while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

If you cannot find what you seek in our kiosk, then there is not far to the nearest grocery store. However, we have many basic goods in our kiosk, so please visit us first and see if you can find the products here.

If you have a birthday while you are on holiday with us, you can order a freshly baked cake in the kiosk.

Order the day before and agree on price, decorations and text on the cake.

In the pictures below you can see a selection of the products we can offer in our kiosk, and also get a small preview of how the kiosk looks.

Vegetable Stall

In the high season, we also have a small selection of fresh vegetables and fruit in our small fruit stall.

The vegetables you can get here are always fresh, so you get the best ingredients for your food.

You take the vegetables you want and pay by putting money in the money box in the vegetable shed.

In the pictures below you can see how fresh our vegetables look and how the little booth looks. Visit the vegetable stall when you are visiting and see if there are vegetables that can tempt you.