Our kitchen is equipped with 4 hobs, 2 hobs, 2 microwave ovens, and 5 sinks. There is a good extraction of food damps so you can focus on your cooking. The kitchen is located inside the service building, where you find plenty of tables and benches outside, where you can sit and eat under the roof. Under the roof, you will also find a barbecue, so there is a possibility to grill.

There is room for you to also have the kids in the kitchen if you feel like it, so you can make it a family task to cook.

With 5 sinks, there is of course also room to wash service after you have eaten.

Besides plenty of extraction, there are also windows that can be opened if fresh air is needed or it gets too hot while cooking.

In the pictures below you can see the kitchen facilities.

Albertinelund Camping Køkken

Pictures of kitchen