At Albertinelund Camping we try to make every effort to make room for the whole family and facilities for the whole family. Therefore, of course, we also have a nursery.

Our changing room is large and equipped with two pads and bathtubs for the smallest ones. There is also a toilet and bathtub for the larger children.

This means that in the nursery you can concentrate on the smallest while the slightly larger children can take a bath at the same time, where you do not need help, but can still keep an eye on them.

In the nursery there is room for 2 children to be changed at the same time, so there is not as much waiting time as would otherwise occur. It also means that you should not be stressed while changing your child, but can take the time to get it all arranged.

Just as our toilets are cleaned the nursery is also cleaned every morning, so you do not have to worry that the hygiene is not top notch.

Albertinelund Camping Puslerum